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Dr Pettit's numerous oral health care eBook teaching resources make it simple and fun to teach children at home, or children in classrooms, the importance of good oral healthcare. Kids are rewarded with 'My GarGar The Dentist Activity Album' in which they keep all they learn having fun. Two soft cover books  are also available. 16 will be available soon as videos, the first,  'Video 1. STOP Brushing Your Teeth. GO Paint Your Mouth", very soon. 15  Videos, with special effects will follow and each will have a 'Video Trailer'. The Videos will be US$10, the trailers will be FREE.
Dr. Garth Pettit has been included as a feature member in the 2015, 2016 Worldwide Who's Who Registry of Executives, Professionals & Entrepreneurs. 14 October, 2015. 
​Dr. Garth Pettit has been included in the  2016-2017 Intercontinental Who's Who of Professionals for outstanding Business Professional in Dentistry in Australia. 5 February, 2016.
​'Paint Your Mouth'  plus a-never-before-available oral healthcare education gives children their best ever opportunity to live their lives oral disease and many general diseases free  with great positive outcomes: Spontaneous smiles, self confidence, successful adult lives.
 Start today! Don't delay! Most teaching resources are US $5, interactive, fun-filled eBooks with dozens of FREE downloadable   pictures, a FREE downloadable folder cover for a 'My GarGar The Dentist Activity Album' and a 'My GarGar The Dentist Bedroom Poster'. They'll be revising what they learn as they proudly show off their Albums and remind themselves, by just seeing their Poster, to 'Paint Your Mouth'.

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