Oral 7 Hygiene Instructions Paint Your Mouth

Oral 7 Hygiene Instructions Paint Your Mouth

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In 3,5oo B.C. an un-named Babylonian created the first 'Chew Stick', an implement made from a tree twig. That Babylonian's advice was 'clean your teeth with a Chew Stick'.
In 1498, an un-named Chinese Emperor patented a 'tooth brush'. His advice was 'clean your teeth with a Tooth Brush'. The bristles of his 'tooth brush' were bristles taken from the back of a Siberian Hog's neck. Handles were either bone or bamboo. His instruction was 'brush your teeth with a tooth brush'. His invention was in relation to the rising incidence of decayed teeth in rich people's teeth. At that time, the sugar trade emminating from New Guinea, was having a devestating affect on rich peoples teeth throughout the world who were the only people who could afford to buy sugar.
In 1996 an Adelaide, S.A., 5-year-long-retired Australian dentist received a phone call from his daughter in Alice Springs - "Dad, your 3 year old grand daughter has been diagnosed with mild decay in an upper front baby tooth". I am that dentist and my immediate reaction was to create for myself this Mission: "Prevent Oral Diseases in Children". My mission, 'Prevent Oral Disease in Children' although not yet fulfilled, is accelerating rapidly.
In 2002 I created and published a new oral hygiene instruction 'Treat Your Mouth".
In 2007, to be more specific, I renamed it "Treat Your Whole Mouth".
In 2009, I asked a classroom of kids "would you like me to show you how to 'Paint Your Mouth'?" Their response was instant, ecstatic and joyful. So, "Paint Your Mouth" was born and has received wonderful responses from everyone since.
Adelaide, S.A. Monday 27 July, 09:00 GMT + 10, 2015, I received the following invitation:
"We would like to solicit your gracious presence as a speaker or delegate at the upcoming 4th Asia Pacific Congress & Expo on Dental and Oral Health which is being organized in collaboration with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxology, USA on July 27-29th, 2015 Brisbane, Australia. The main theme of the conference is "New Challenges to Improve Dental & Oral Health Care Globally."
"We would be glad to have your speech on 'Paint Your Mouth'.
Excitedly and unhesitatingly I accepted that invitation.
The book, 'Oral 7™ Hygiene Instructions Paint Your Mouth', gives detailed 'how to , oral hygiene instructions'.
My '4th Asia Pacific Conference & Expo on Dental and Oral Health' presentation, in video format, has been posted to my Youtube channel: TheVideoDentist"

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