GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Books - Book B: Your Mouth is Like a House

GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Books - Book B: Your Mouth is Like a House

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'GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Books' are sequels to Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile for teaching oral health from a 14 week old foetus throughout pregnancy and from birth up to toddler age.

GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Book. Book B begins with a chapter called 'Your Mouth is Like a House' and identifies each part of the mouth - tongue, gums, teeth, roof of the mouth. Each animal is connected to one 'room' of the mouth and retains the clickable question-and-answer format of the previous workbook, which offers fun reinforcing insights for kids who like colorful cartoon animals.

Fun and clapping are encouraged in the course of these reinforcing toddler activities, and parents and educators will find them simple and easy reinforcements for very basic dental facts identifying all the features of one's mouth.

Exploration and self-examination (with washed hands) is encouraged in Part Two of the activities section, which show how to feel and know the surfaces of the teeth and mouth - information intrinsic to teaching proper brushing and oral hygiene.

Bright, colorful picture models are accompanied by activities that any child can do.

The jovial, chatty nature of both these oral hygiene activity books for very young children lend to outstanding easy activities parents will find the perfect introductions to basic oral care.

FREE downloadable graphics of this author’s, Dr Garth Pettit, eBooks are also unique features of GarGar The Dentist Activity Books:

•Front Cover of “My GarGar The Dentist Activity Album” in which can be kept the following FREE images.

•This eBook’s Front Cover.
•My GarGar The Dentist Bedroom Poster for children which has a picture of GarGar The Dentist and each of the seven SmileShine Gang members and a gentle reminder to “Paint Your Mouth” 3 times each day.
•FREE PDF of “GarGar’s Blank Drawing or Writing Pages” with header. Great for the Album.
•FREE PDF of GarGar’s “My Lesson Drawings” with header. Great for the Album.
•FREE PDF of “A’s to GarGar’s Q’s Lesson #”. Also great for the Album.

Just to have fun! Recording their oral disease prevention activities! Encouraging continuing interest in oral disease prevention! Showing and benefiting from their beautiful smiles throughout their lifetimes!

Their “My GarGar The Dentist Activity Album” will become a much treasured possession both as they add new pages to it and reflect on it for many years to come. Their interest in their own oral health is assured.

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