Teaching Oral Disease Prevention

I had a “Letter to The Editor, British Dental Journal” published on Oct 9 2015, that aptly describe my eBooks. A new era had been born for oral healthcare education. Interactive eBooks based on my new totally oral, oral hygiene instruction “Paint Your Mouth”.

Research for my mission “Prevent Oral Diseases in Children” can more accurately described as observing, querying and testing, nothing more was possible. Working with one dental nurse in makeshift dental rooms within remote Health Clinics throughout East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia plus the high demand for treatment coming from adults mainly and from some children made formal research impossible. Dental therapists looked after the needs of most children. Decayed, missing and filled teeth were recorded for each patient at their first visit. All relevant patients were given oral hygiene instructions, both adults and children and checked on their subsequent visits.

Patients who attended for regular or irregular examination appointments almost always remarked on how much better their mouths had felt and rarely did I have to chart another decayed tooth or a gingival problem for them.

The dental hygiene instruction “Brush Your Teeth”, in this the 21st Century, is not an oral hygiene instruction, it’s even a poor dental hygiene instruction. It does not clean all mouth surfaces thus leaves pockets of bacteria laden plaque.

The oral hygiene instruction “Paint Your Mouth” is the preferred and complete oral hygiene instruction. It recommends using a mouth brush and mouth paste containing fluoride to remove unhealthy plaque from all seven mouth surfaces: teeth, gums including gingivae, tongue, roof, floor, cheeks and lips. Then recommends to thoroughly rinse the mouth with water. Finally, to paint all seven surfaces again with brush and paste but this time NOT rinsing with water, “Paint Your Mouth” leaves a mouth with all seven mouth surfaces covered with healthy, mouth paste ingredients and a greatly reduced number of bacteria in plaque. Certainly a mouth will not only feel fresher for longer and also be protected from all common oral diseases.

Personally I paint my mouth 3 times each day after main meal. I also repeat the final step after in-between drinks or snacks. But twice each day, even once each day is preferable to “Brush Your Teeth”.

Teaching Characters: GarGar The Dentist and His SmileShine Gang Mouth Experts

From top left to bottom right: GarGar The Dentist, Kook-a Mum and Kooksie (Roof of Mouth), PadPaw (Gingivae & Gums), Croc-o-Smile (Teeth), Ruby Roo (Floor of Mouth), Booksie Owl (Tongue), Grinny Squirrel & Ben Bilbie (Inside of Cheeks), Minnie & Munchie Koalas (Inside of Lips).